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Business Major Bear

Fuck Yeah.

what is the formula to calculate the risk return ration asked by Anonymous

Okay, Business Student is procrastinating an MIS case study (perhaps my least favorite business class so far) which is why I’m online for the first time in months. 

I am not sure if this ask is something you want us to put on a bear? Or you’re genuinely asking this question? We can’t help you with your homework, Anon.


Whoa, I am like, outdoing myself on summer post quota right now. 

Anyway, there’s a new tab up for how to submit to BMB, find it under “Instructions.”

Because the more you guys submit, the more will actually be on this blog! 

Out of curiosity, which school do you go to? asked by Anonymous

We are undergraduates at Northeastern University in Boston! 

Business Major Bear, I love how you're using my business school's colors! And I love this blog. Too. asked by Anonymous

You’re welcome, thanks for the love! God, Shanyce, does the CBA have its own colors? We suck. 


Fellow bears business majors!

We have been getting a lot of love & follows here, and we really appreciate it! Especially since we’ve been horrible bears businesswomen in running this blog over the summer.

You see we work best together, and I’m interning in Manhattan, and my associate is in Queens… and god, it’s just an insurmountable distance.

Just kidding. But we do promise lots more BMB as the fall semester starts in a month. I leave you with this:

P.S. Submit. 

hellll yeaaaaaahhh. 

hellll yeaaaaaahhh. 

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